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Ho Kuk Mu Sul

Comprehensive Martial Art System

We teach Traditonal Korean Martial Arts that can be used by anyone for personal enrichment as well as complete self defense.


Kicking – We teach front snap, axe, hook, roundhouse, side, back and spin kicks as well as jumping and flying kicks. We practice on small targets for accuracy, heavy targets and punching bags for power, and on each other (while wearing chest protectors and helmets) for control and timing. We have dozens of ways to practice our kicks, so each class is new and exciting and you won’t get bored just doing all of your kicks in the air.

Punching– In addition to our traditional punching drills that we do in horse stance, we also teach basic boxing skills, combinations, footwork and stop hits. We do these on hand paddles as well as heavy bags.

Throwing/Falling– We teach front, back, side, front side, spinning and cat falls to help keep our students safe in the event that they are thrown or knocked down. We teach all the basic falls of Judo and Wrestling.


Hand Techniques-Each belt level requires memorizing a set of hand techniques that defend against grabs, kicks, punches and chokes. The students are tested on these and must be able to perform the correct one immediately when a number is given.

Sparring– We prepare our students to compete in Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian and Japanese Sport) tournaments, making then effective in all realms of self defense. We also spar against multiple attackers. We practice in a safe, positive environment where students can decide the level at which they want to train. Students are encouraged to enter tournaments, but not forced to.


Weapons-We teach knife defense as well as basic Escrima with sticks and knives. We also teach basic sword and staff techniques.

Forms– Each belt level requires memorizing a choreographed set of movements that imitate a fight sequence, and teach balance, flow and power. Our style has extremely low stances similar to Buddhist Martial Arts.

All classes are one hour, but students are encouraged to stay longer or come earlier to get extra practice on their own

Physical benefits include increased flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength. You will also become proficient in punching, kicking, throwing, and falling. Mental benefits include self-confidence, increased focus, and a positive “I can do it” attitude, which will shine through all aspects of your life, casting away fears and doubts that have been overshadowing you.

All Classes are open to all ages and all levels.